What is a RescueMoto?
Rescue Moto is a multipurpose vehicle developed from the ground up specifically for rural areas of the developing world.

Trucks, 4x4’s and cars are very expensive to purchase and to maintain
Fuel prices are very high adding to operating expenses
The rural poor are difficult to access because of poor road conditions

They are inexpensive to purchase as most work can be done with a 100-250cc motorcycle
They are easy to maintain and there is far less to go wrong with them
On average one can expect 4-5 times better fuel consumption than a truck (60-70 MPG vs. 15-18 MPG >> 23-34 km/liter vs. 6 - 8km/liter)
* Assuming 15,000 km traveled per year, the fuel savings alone (at $1.25US per liter) will pay for the unit and the motorcycle in just a few months.

October: December 2016

RescueMoto V3 development is in full swing again after a hiatus. We have consulted with engineers, and NGOs and have developed a more practical, and inexpensive design....though no less effective. There will be some major changes that allow it to be connected to any motorcycle anywhere and will be competatively priced. Now even the smallest NGO, church group or individual can bring relief to people in need.

*Does not include motorcycle. Typically, foreign made 125cc motorcycles are available in country beginning at $800.

Our original design was based on a motorcycle/sidecar design. However, after much testing and deliberation, RescueMotoV3 is based on a motorcycle/pull behind trailer design. The reasons are simple. A trailer design offers many significant benefits:

1. Trailers are much easier and cheaper to build.

2. Sidecars, even when built and tuned correctly, are inherently fussy and come out of alignment in rough terrain. They work OK on flat dirt roads, but in rough hilly areas they can be a nightmare.

3. Sidecars are WIDE. Again, on flat terrain they work, but on narrow, winding rocky roads they do NOT function well.

4. Sidecar/motorcycle combos are difficult to drive and can easily tip over. They require special training.

5. Trailers are much easier to drive. The motorcycle maintains its normal driving characteristics.

6. A motorcycle/trailer design has a much slimmer profile and can transverse even the narrowest trail.

7. The trailer is quickly disconnected when not needed leaving the motorcycle to be used for other purposes. In fact, the trailer can even be attached to an SUV on its own.

8. The trailer itself can easily be adapted as an:


          b.Mobile Purification Unit

          c.Mobile Medical or Dental Unit

          d.Mobile Educational Unit

          e.much more.....